Our Overview

A PKF Enterprise

Probotiq Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of Intelligent Automation of Enterprise Processes. A group entity of PKF International , we specialize in providing process automation solutions to enterprise clients using technologies such as Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Chat Bots, NLP/NLG, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence among others. Headquartered at Chennai – India, our team of specialists provide end to end automation solutions for your processes. Probotiq Solutions has clients spanning across India, Middle East & N America. We engage with our clients on various Consulting & Intelligent Automation implementation assignments and have a bouquet of service offerings.

Intelligent Automation is in a very big way impacting the way in which companies work & define the nature of future work. Having spent billions of dollars in Transaction Automation systems , today’s enterprises are looking beyond and also looking for the return on their investment ( ROI ) in Transaction Automation solutions. This ROI can come mainly by next wave of automation of processes around the transaction systems such as Banking, ERP, Insurance etc., Man and machine working together is inevitable to create an amazing future. The world is in a fast pace for a spectacular change which will bring disruption in every domain. At Probotiq, we are focused on aligning our future to this exciting new world of Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence which will change the way these Enterprises performs functions and processes dramatically.

Get ready for the greatest transformation within the next 5 years by engaging with us..

We will sprint along with you making sure you grab all the technological advances along the way. We can help you in your journey towards the future and make your workplace technologically updated by adopting Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and host of other practices like Work Flow management, Data Analytics etc.

Core Values

Values of PKF – Think this is the expectation from Probotiq as well

Passion To Work
Team Playing Skills
Clarity Of Thoughts
Quality Consious